• Changes Coming to Youth Soccer in 2016-17 Season

posted by:  on03/25/2016

Recently the US Soccer Federation (USSF) announced important mandated changes. The upcoming changes will be starting in the fall of 2016. At that time, each age level will be split up by calendar year rather than the current cutoff date of August 1. The primary reason behind this is that the USSF decided to move the United States to the global age-group standard. This is a NATION-WIDE change that will effect every team in the country.

What does this mean for Ambassadors FC?

US Soccer will still categorize age groups with the “Under” designation (example: U9, U10, U11, etc). However, the definition of these categories will change, beginning with the 2016-17 season. This is being done in order to align the definition to the birth year changes. See Parents Guide To Birth Year Registration Changes In Youth Soccer.

We don’t know the specifics of how this will impact each of our teams. We are sorting through all of the possible scenarios and are working on a solution that will fit each team & player in the best way. As we figure out more information, we will pass that information along to you. We value your support for Ambassadors and your patience with us as it is a very complicated issue. We have more problems than solutions right now but we are working hard to provide a solution that fits each player in the best possible way.

Please take a look at the article “U.S. Soccer Breaks the Glass”. It is a very useful tool for understanding everything that goes along with the topic.

We’re proud of everything AFC has accomplished up to this point and will ensure that our teams continue playing with excellence.

– Your AFC Staff