• 97 girls blue team advance to US Youth Soccer Region II Championships Final

posted by:  on06/28/2016

CRSA 97/98 (IA) and Ambassadors FC (OH-N) both had their hands full throughout the entire game as the match went into double overtime. Ambassadors FC brought on the pressure, but in the second half, Sydney Hayden and Courtney Powell gave CRSA a 2-0 lead. Hayden snuck in behind the Ambassadors FC’s defense to score her goal. Powell ran onto a ball that was played over the defense and took on the goalkeeper in a one-on-one battle, placing her shot in the bottom right corner. Ambassadors FC did not stop fighting as Alexandra Wright earned not just one goal, but two goals to tie the game. Her second goal was taken at the corner of the 18-yard box and flew over the head of CRSA’s goalkeeper. Going into overtime, Wright posted her third goal of the day as she found an opening between the CRSA defenders and aimed the ball at the right side of the goal. Ambassadors FC’s Gabrielle LoPresti and Alexandra Ehrnfelt then piled on two goals in the overtime periods for breathing room and a 5-2 lead. CRSA received a penalty kick, which Morgan Petsche finished, but Ambassadors FC was the team to advance after the 5-3 victory.