Monthly Archives: March 2016

• Changes Coming to Youth Soccer in 2016-17 Season

Recently the US Soccer Federation (USSF) announced important mandated changes. The upcoming changes will be starting in the fall of 2016. At that time, each age level will be split up by calendar year rather than the current cutoff date of August 1. The primary reason behind this is that the USSF decided to move the […]

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• 97 girls blue, 98 girls blue, 98 girls white, and 99 girls teams in Ohio Galaxies Showcase

The 97 girls blue team, the 98 girls blue team, the 98 girls white team, and the 99 girls team all competed in the Ohio Galaxies Girls Showcase Tournament over the weekend in the Dayton area. All the teams played well in their first games of the year outdoors. Take a look at the picture album […]

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• 02 girls white, 01 girls, 98 girls white teams in Cleveland Indoor Classic

The 02 girls white team, the 01 girls team and the 98 girls white team all competed in the Cleveland Indoor Classic Tournament over the weekend at Cleveland State University‘s Krenzler Field. Take a look at the picture album here!

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